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What is the value of Dr. Adrian Anderson’s work ?

Background & Biography

As a teen-ager in the late 1960’s, Adrian discovered an old copy of a Rudolf Steiner book, “Theosophy” in a second-hand bookstore in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. He regarded this as the teachings of an initiate from whom he would like to learn much more. Consequently began the process of buying all the available English books of Rudolf Steiner, from England, and then, he began to purchase the 360 volumes Complete Works of Rudolf Steiner in German, over some years, whilst teaching himself the German language. He worked part-time, living a simple hut, whilst undertaking meditation and the rigorous study of these books.

Adrian soon recognized the tremendous importance of Rudolf Steiner’s wisdom for modern times, with its huge need for a more human-centred, holistic, more spiritually aware approach to life. He learnt how Rudolf Steiner’s teachings had already been applied, with wonderful results, in education, medicine, agriculture, in the Arts and architecture, in spiritual development, and in understanding the deeper cosmic aspects to life generally. Hence in his early twenties, Adrian set out, unaided, on an arduous, 20-year full-time study program, funded by part-time work, (and, years later, by an occasional grant from people supportive of his endeavours).

Whilst in Germany in the 1980’s, he had devoted his energy to gathering as much of the unpublished documents from the work of Rudolf Steiner as was possible from individuals in central Europe; many thousands of pages were accumulated. When about the age of 40, he began to write  books designed to assist people to absorb Rudolf Steiner’s research, his understanding of anthroposophical ideas was enhanced through access to his comprehensive library and archive documents. This resource has helped Adrian to present with clarity many themes that had remained unclear to anthroposophical circles.

This study was furthered during his years in New Zealand and Germany, before he returned to Australia and began formal academic studies. His academic studies led to exceptional results. He became a member of the Golden Key Honour Society, as he was in the top 3% of the 42,000 students at Monash University. At Monash University, through the German Department, Adrian wrote the world’s first Ph.D. thesis to present and explain the main elements of Anthroposophy itself: its spiritual-esoteric teachings. This thesis was immediately published by an overseas university, the highest academic approval that a scholar can be given. There is no other academic document that provides an opportunity for people with university background to determine what are the spiritual-esoteric ideas in anthroposophy, and to appreciate their inherent integrity.

This task required an expert grasp of German and of Rudolf Steiner’s works, for example, he had to prove that Rudolf Steiner’s view of a text from Goethe was correct, despite this contradicting all German academic experts in Goethe. He also had to show that mainstream anthroposophical interpretations of some difficult Steiner German texts were incorrect. Adrian’s ability to perceive what a difficult text is conveying, (in a number of languages), enables him to very accurately understand, deep and complex spiritual texts. Adrian has a natural ability to understand esoteric ideas. But he carefully works with Rudolf Steiner teachings, in an academically rigorous manner; this cautious method is demanding and time-consuming, but it avoids distorted, sectarian attitudes, as well as ungrounded ideas.

An outstanding example of his abilities for perceptive textual research occurred during his study jointly at the Melbourne University of Divinity and Monash University. He successfully showed, that the ancient Greek of the New Testament actually contains a veiled initiatory layer of meaning, which teaches, amongst other deep truths, that there is a cosmic aspect of “Christ”, that this being is a high spiritual deity, and not a human being. His thesis was awarded “High Distinction”, despite this truth being neither accepted nor known in theological circles. Similar achievements have been made, to support Rudolf Steiner’s teachings, in the Attic Greek of Homer’s Odyssey and Hellenistic texts of Greek mystics.

With very little financial support over the past 30 years, Adrian has carried out extensive adult education work, and published 16 books which provide understanding of Steiner’s teachings, not available in other books from anthroposophical sources. He has also made available many graphic works; diagrams and special artworks which illustrate anthroposophical ideas. His learning, spiritual insights and access to a huge collection of published and unpublished Steiner material – painstakingly gathered in the 1980’s for this very purpose – has resulted in him being regarded by many as a significant interpreter of Rudolf Steiner’s works. His books and essays have helped many people to find their way to a clearer and deeper understanding of anthroposophical wisdom, free of sectarianism.

He has also at times researched contentious issues, in the hope that his research could shed some light on these topics, to help resolve the social tensions around them. This work, and his expertise, have at times led to opposition, including  misreporting of his research, libellous letters, and reluctance to grant him access to websites, etc.

These actions have all restricted financial aid for his (voluntary) research work.



Adrian’s ongoing plans include publishing further books, and to make available more esoteric artworks on various topics. His work is not a commercial undertaking, it is the spiritual-cultural domain of society, and as such requires support from the commercial-economic sector of society.

By providing clear and professional presentations of Rudolf Steiner’s work, Dr. Anderson is endeavouring to assist those people, world-wide, who are interested in gaining a clear understanding and appreciation of the heritage of Rudolf Steiner, and are independent thinkers, who may not be Members of the Anthroposophical Society, nor of the Christian Community church.

Despite obstacles to his initiatives, hundreds of his books sell every year world-wide, but such sales do not provide an income. Adrian hopes to continue his work, to help people find more meaning in life from the great heritage left by Rudolf Steiner, and to thereby renew a world that is in dire need of an holistic approach to solve its many problems.

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