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Esoteric Artwork and diagrams

Esoteric Artwork and diagrams are available as posters or quality art prints  from my ‘store front’, on, called : SteinerstudiesArt

In response to requests, these graphic works  are offered to help people understand Rudolf Steiner’s teachings more clearly, by accessing special works of art that have an esoteric meaning or a profound spiritual quality which is discussed in anthroposophy.

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These graphics are available there on either: semigloss paper, or ‘matte poster paper’, or heavyweight matte paper, or – top of the range – a high quality ‘premium canvas backing’. I recommend that you choose the  ‘matte poster paper’ for most of these graphic works. The ‘Lost Zodiac’ painting looks superb on the ‘premium canvas’ ! The prints are sent to you by in a sturdy cardboard triangular tube, delivery takes about 2-3 weeks.

November 2107

My re-creation of Leonardo’s Last Supper painting is now published : the most accurate version of this immortal painting available. Using the exact Giampetrino copy, plus other copies, I have attempted to depict what the original painting looked like.

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NEWS !  The Grail painting by Anna May:  My art poster of this painting is now available; in 2 sizes (but as with all my graphic poster, you can choose your own size). I have attempted to refresh/restore this great artwork as accurately as possible; many months of work over 5 years was needed. But copies of this painting are also being carefully prepared by the Margarethe Hauschka School of Painting. Further information will be posted here as more information about these versions becomes known.

Here is the link to my posters: The Triptych Grail

The A3 size and then, below the larger one:


More graphic works will gradually be added. Below are some small images of the graphics now available:

The Lost Zodiac of Rudolf Steiner

This is almost unknown, the great Stuttgart zodiac of Rudolf Steiner, which was painted in 1912 by Imma von Eckhardtstein, but destroyed in 1937. This painting was re-created by me from  black/white photographs taken in 1912, and is shown in detail and explained in my book The Lost Zodiac of Rudolf Steiner.



 Jacopo del Sellaio: Three sacred children. “The Madonna with John the baptist…. “

This exquisite painting is one of only 5 known that portray the two Jesus children and John the Baptist.The initiate who inspired the few Renaissance painters to  have painted such scenes as this, is unknown.



Cosmic Evolution in anthroposophy

This diagram, from my Rudolf Steiner Handbook, uses a new way of clearly showing the complex evolutionary cycles through which humanity passes. It depicts the Aeons, the Cycles, the Phases and the Cultural Epochs in such a way that you can visually grasp these phases of our existence.



The Inherent or Tropical zodiac

My booklet, The Nature and Origin of the Tropical Zodiac, is the only publication to unveil just what the ‘tropical zodiac’ really is, based on ancient Greek texts in the light of anthroposophy. This diagram  graphically shows this etheric ‘inherent’ zodiac in relation to the stars and the Earth.



Stonehenge: its celestial alignments

This diagram, from my book, Stonehenge: a guide to the world’s greatest Megalithic Site, shows precisely the celestial motions that the Druids wished to contemplate from within the huge shadow-fields cast by the stones.



The Post-Atlantean Ages

From my Rudolf Steiner Handbook, this diagram shows the seven cultural Ages in this large Epoch, and the zodiac sign governing it, and the part of the sevenfold human being that was the evolutionary focus in these Ages. It also shows the Regency times of the sun archangel through the ages.



For love of the light, by Nikolaus Gysis

This painting, of which many versions were made by the artist, is mentioned in the Rudolf Steiner Handbook in particular because Rudolf Steiner told an audience that the Thrones are depicted as they appear {to seership}. They are the two prominent beings with wings raised up in an angle, on either side of the enthroned Christ.



The tenfold human being

From my Rudolf Steiner Handbook, this diagram presents the multiple aspects of the human soul and spirit in a ‘tree of life’ form. Contemplation of this can lead to many insights about ourselves.



The Planetary Correspondences

This diagram from the Rudolf Steiner Handbook, presents information from anthroposophy about the influences of the planets in our world: the vowels, plants, the grains, parts of the body, etc.



From the Celtic Christianity in Ravenna ca. 450 AD, before Roman Christianity took over all of Italy,  a mosaic showing a saint with a spiritually empowered aura.



Inside the Great Pyramid

Here we see, from my book The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx (D. Pryor), a cut-away view of how initiatory processions, over millennia, made their way up to the main initiation chamber inside the Great Pyramid. Rudolf Steiner taught that only in ancient Egypt was initiation up to the 7th degree (the Atma or Spirit-human) was possible.



The sun through the 3 zodiacs

This diagram is from my The Lost Zodiac of Rudolf Steiner, and makes clear the previously unknown  movement of the sun through the constellations, the Babylonian zodiac and the etheric sun through the Cultural Ages zodiac.



The zodiacal Cultural Ages

This diagram, from my The Lost Zodiac of Rudolf Steiner, shows exactly how the Zodiac Cultural Ages come about: that is the movement of the sun in an etheric reflection of the zodiac template discovered by the Sumerian initiate-astrologers.



The four ether layers in the upper atmosphere

Developed from Rudolf Steiner’s simple sketch of  4 ether layers in the atmosphere, it has been possible  for me, through a study of upper atmosphere scientific research, to identify where these ether layers exist, and what meteorological phenomena they cause; see my “Living a Spiritual year” and the “Rudolf Steiner Handbook”.



From the Externsteine: the greatest initiation centre of the Druids.

This graphic work shows two carvings on a stone outcrop at the Externsteine; above is the largest open-air Christian carving of the Crucifixion in the world, from ca. AD 800, placed there by order of Charlemagne. Below is my re-construction of a badly weathered initiatory Druidic carving of Nidhoggr ensnaring two people; it is thousands of years older than the Christian carving. See my book, The Externsteine, (D. Pryor).




The 12 senses and the zodiac

Adapted from my Rudolf Steiner Handbook, this diagram shows the 12 senses and their relation to the 5 ‘night’ signs and the the 7 ‘day’ signs. The correlation of the zodiac energies to our 12 senses, presented here is the one most commonly used by Rudolf Steiner.







Mithraic Deity : the future spiritualised human
Job leaves the Underworld 280 AD Roman Catacomb