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The Gospel of John – corrections to typing errors (in the first 5 copies sold).
Please Note: an unfortunate trying error on p. 619 about Mary Magdalene, in the foot-note.
 This should read: “There is a brief comment from Rudolf  Steiner which seem to affirm that Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany are the same person (GA 244, p.435) but this is of uncertain validity.”
Page 3 : 14 lines up from bottom of page; “This includes about many texts…”
delete “about”
p. 67: 10 lines up from bottom “wherein a startling passages occur.”
delete :”a”
p. 68: 10 from top :Such a term and can be …”
delete ‘and’.
p. 222: in the foot-note “through the first Thrones” (but…”
delete’ “first”
P. 235 : V.10 “and by through it the world…”…”
delete ‘by’
p. 236: V. 18 “has made revealed the ..”
delete : “made”
p. 374 Near bottom of page by themselves : “As Bernard notes”
delete these 3 words
p 616 : ignore the foot-note
Rudolf Steiner’s Esoteric Christianity in the Grail painting by Anna May
Correction to p.49:
Paragraph 4: My reference to “a prominent clergyman in the church established with the help of Rudolf Steiner”  (Rev. F. Schmidt-Hieber) asserting that Rudolf Steiner had made a mistake regarding John 13:18,  should be crossed out. This statement is incorrect, he was reporting the comments of other persons who had asserted this. I regret this error, and have corrected the book accordingly.

Revisions to :

Rudolf Steiner’s Esoteric Christianity in the Grail painting by Anna May

Minor changes were made to the first 2 pages of this book, and a copy of the 1918 larger version the painting was included in the Revised edition.

You may view and download the changed pages here:

Appendix 3 – painting

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