Rudolf Steiner Studies

Rudolf Steiner (1861- 1925) is the renowned Austrian scholar, spiritual teacher, Goethe expert, originator of bio-dynamic agriculture and founder of a new educational method (Steiner schools). He also founded new modalities in medicine and psychology, and a new artistic impetus for both the visual and performing arts.

Dr. Anderson as a young man spent some years in a hut alone in the mountains, engaged in the meditative study of Steiner’s works. Today he is an authority in Steiner’s worldview (anthroposophy), and a scholar in German literature and ancient Greek spiritual texts. In his Ph. D. thesis, a research project funded by Monash University, he analysed Steiner’s spiritual-esoteric worldview, identifying and contextualizing its primary elements and the Goethean qualities underlying his epistemology.

The fruits of Adrian’s work in study, meditative practice and research are now available in print (hardback and paperback) from  internet book-sellers and from many bookstores, world-wide.

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