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APRIL 2024

Pistis Sophia; the ancient Coptic codex in a new Translation with Commentary

Announcing a very important new book ! A new translation of the ancient ‘Pistis Sophia’ manuscript which reveals its exceptional esoteric depth and sanctity.  

Rudolf Steiner described this old Coptic book as containing “much of what the risen Jesus taught his initiated disciples”. 

The basis of my translation of this extraordinary text from the original Coptic, is scholarship that is combined with esoteric insight. In this way, I have attempted to make large sections of this profound document much more understandable. It is otherwise only available in a book by the Theosophist, G. Mead, who made an English version of the 1909 German translation.

The codex is the most valuable record of ancient cosmic Christianity ever found – but much of it needs an extensive commentary to be appreciated. It discusses many aspects of a cosmic Christianity, which were to be kept secret by the early Christians. The teachings in the codex are presented as a dialogue about spiritual realities and the initiatory path between the disciples and the risen Jesus, who is now permeated by the cosmic Christ. 


March 2023 : New edition of the

Foundation Stone Meditation book

This new edition is only slightly different to the earlier version: it now has a Contents page and the German original text of the verse, and only 3 minor text changes.

New Important Book    August 2022

The Gospel of John: An Initiatory Pathway Translation and Commentary

In this ground-breaking new translation I have discovered  veiled initiatory teachings of a cosmic Christianity, hidden within the complex subtleties of the ancient Greek.
This has resulted in new and different translations of many verses, revealing hidden meanings for the first time; meanings which are exciting and relevant to all people interested in spirituality and esoteric Christianity.
This was achieved through a close study of the most important of the ancient Greek papyrus versions of the Gospels; the codex Bezae. This study was undertaken in conjunction with Rudolf Steiner’s invaluable teachings about the Gospel.
The research for this work included initiatory writings from the Hellenistic Age, such as the Essene Dead Sea Scrolls, the Hermetica, the Nag Hammadi library, the books of Clement of Alexandria, and his famous student, Origenes.

A 500 page Commentary is included; this explains the inner meanings of the verses, especially where esoteric or cosmic meanings are present.
The book is 630 pages, it has a user-friendly largish font, an Index and a useful Introduction. Available in either hardback or softback.

About 5 of the first copies sold may have seven typos: especially note that R. Steiner seems to affirm that Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany are the same person (not the ‘sinful lady’); see Updates page.



New small book    June 2021

The Mysteries of Ephesos: Rudolf Steiner’s research into the Artemis-Diana Mysteries

Presenting  all of his research into what the acolytes experienced at Ephesos.



June 2021: A German edition now available of:

Rudolf Steiner’s Esoteric Christianity in the Grail painting by Anna May

Recently a German-language publisher became aware of my book, and requested permission to publish a German edition. This now available as,

Rudolf Steiners esoterisches Christentum in dem Triptychon “Gral” von Anna-May Rychter

Copies are available from the Publisher:

New edition of the English version: As the German edition was being prepared, I became aware that Anna May had made a much larger version of this extraordinary painting, however it was very different, and not of the same quality as the original painting, which my book presents.  This original painting was 2.5m in length; it was the later, 1918 version which was 6m in length. I have altered the account of the history of her artwork, in the first 2 pages of my book, to incorporate this fact of a second, larger version being painted, and exhibited in Munich in 1918. Otherwise, very little has changed in the new edition: on the  Updated Info Page you can download a 3-page pdf document which provides the revised historical account about her work, and photo of the 1918 larger, inferior version. 

Please see my updates page regarding the minor changes to the original edition of this book.

October 2020

          NEW BOOK

The Seven Apocalyptic Seals

       from Rudolf Steiner

These 7 extraordinary images, seen by Rudolf Steiner in the spiritual world, are sign-posts indicating the dynamics involved in the evolutionary journey of humanity; from the distant past on into future time-cycles. The main source of Rudolf Steiner’s explanations of these evocative images are two lectures given in 1907, when the seals were displayed.

All of Rudolf Steiner’s comments on the seals are presented.

All 7 seals are reproduced in full colour. 

An extensive Commentary is provided, to help the serious student understand the many obscure passages in these lectures.

Poor quality stenographic notes of 2 lectures from 1907 have resulted in substantial errors and many obscure passages in the official publication in German, and in English. For this book, by Dr. Anderson has carried out extensive editorial work, to resolve these problems.

A4 size, 100 pages, 10 illustrations, 7 in colour; Index and Glossary.  Available in hardback or paperback.

Here is the link to this book on Amazon


April 2020

Rudolf Steiner’s   The Soul’s Calendar

In 1912, Rudolf Steiner wrote The Soul’s Calendar ; a book of 52 meditative verses which are designed to help people sense the spiritual influences behind the seasonal cycle of the year. It is a guide to developing a ‘spiritual ecology’: an understanding of the changing seasons of the natural world as the expression of spiritual energies. 

I recently discovered that in all editions there are at least 7 verses which were wrongly altered in 1912. Some of Rudolf Steiner’s own words were deleted, and different words put in their place. These changes were not authorized by Rudolf Steiner, but they became part of every edition since 1912.

In my version of The Soul’s Calendar, the genuine, original text of Rudolf Steiner is now available, in German and English. Also there is a helpful guide showing how to use the verses, whether you are in the southern hemisphere, or in the northern hemisphere.

The Soul’s Calendar is published in 2 editions: 

The Pocket edition, which you can easily take with you whenever you go out to a park, or into the countryside. 

The Annotated Edition, with a Commentary on each verse, when you want to explore the meaning of the verses, and discover which verse is a mirror, or counter-part, to the current week’s verse.


They are available from every internet book-seller, such as Amazon  


May 2019 :  Important  Book 

Rudolf Steiner’s First Class Verses

In 1924, Rudolf Steiner began to offer to various members of the Anthroposophical Society, an extraordinary opportunity: access to the most profound esoteric Lessons for the meditative ‘self-initiation’ path, ever given in modern times. In doing this, he was inaugurating a new form of the ancient ‘Mysteries’. The 19 Lessons are known as the ‘First Class”; his premature death prevented any further Lessons being given. It became clear to me, after working with the 19 meditative verses over a 40-year period, that in the very complex German texts, there are meanings or nuances which have never been seen. So a new set of translations was needed.

This book offers an accurate translation of all the verses, and in addition, a detailed commentary on difficult words and phrases in them. Additional documents which help us to understand the core intention of the verses are also included. If you previously worked with these verses, you will find my translation is very different in many places; the Notes and commentary explain why these changes were needed.

This book has been written to help people meditate with a clearer understanding of the challenge which each verse of the 19 Lessons presents. But my book does not include the Lessons themselves (except for Lesson 1). However the text of the complete First Class, with all 19 Lessons and their verses in a traditional translation, is available on the Internet.

A prior engagement with anthroposophy over several years and a serious interest in a deeper, esoteric form of meditation, is needed to work with these verses, as they are part of an especially deep esoteric wisdom.

In A4 format, with 160 pages, and 10 illustrations, available in paperback or hardback. Here is the link to this book on


September 2018

Blessed: Rudolf Steiner on the Beatitudes 

The Beatitudes are words of Christ from the Sermon on the Mount, recorded in the Gospel of St. Matthew, (chapter 5). They are nine statements that have an atmosphere of sheer holiness. In the traditional translations, they each begin with the words “Blessed are …”. For example, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”, or ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. They are regarded as the most sublime teachings in the Gospel, but their deeper esoteric meaning can only be discovered from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. He reveals that the nine Beatitudes correspond to the nine aspects of human nature, and their future spiritual potential.
* All of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings about the Beatitudes, revealing their profound cosmic messages about the future spiritual evolution of human beings.
* Commentaries on these teachings, clarifying his comments, some of which were only briefly recorded.
* Rudolf Steiner archive documents on the Beatitudes, with extensive editorial commentary.
* Profound insights on the Beatitudes from the great Alexandrian sage, Origenes (AD 220), translated especially for this book. These are otherwise unknown, as they are not included in the published works of Origenes: they survive only in the margins of ancient documents.


Here is the link to this book on Amazon.


March 2018

My PhD Thesis (2005) is now available  online from, the Book Depository, etc.

Dramatic Anthoposophy: Identification and contextualization of primary features of Rudolf Steiner’s ‘anthroposophy’, as expressed  in his Mystery Drama, The Portal of Initiation

My thesis, published by Otago University,  is the first  PhD to present the esoteric-spiritual ideas of anthroposophy. It includes a detailed assessment of the Portal of Initiation, which has parallels  the fairy tale of Goethe, the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily. Many speeches and the underlying dynamics within the play are explored, bringing clarity to many difficult passages; but most importantly a view of human nature and world as seen in anthroposophy is presented, which is is shown to be consistent and rational. This includes ideas such as, the etheric body, astral body, the Devachanic self, the chakras, etheric forces in nature, Lucifer and Ahriman, a cosmic Christianity, reincarnation and karma, the reappearing of Jesus in the ethers, and evolutionary cycles.

Here is the link to this  book from the Book Depository


Caution : criminals offering my books free or as e-books

If you see one of my books being offered for free, or 
as e-book,from a website with a strange name which
usually has no meaning, just a jumble of letters -
these sites are criminal enterprises. They are seeking to inset malware into your computer. If it is an ebook from a reputable source, like Amazon,
then of course, that's fine.


November 2017  NEW BOOK

Rudolf Steiner about Leonardo’s Last Supper, the Zodiac and the cosmic Christ

For decades rumours have circulated in spiritual circles that somehow there is a link between the zodiac and the 12 Disciples and also Jesus himself. The truth about the zodiacal basis of Leonardo’s painting is  revealed in this book: from a document in the Rudolf Steiner Archives, which is published here for the first time. And as a vital component of the research into this profound theme, I have carefully ‘re-created’ Leonardo’s painting, mainly from an exact 500-year old copy, which was made before the original painting was ruined, in 1565; it is this copy which was used by Rudolf Steiner.

To help make the 10 meanings in the painting about the cosmic significance of the Last Supper more clear, information about Lazaros-John, from the Akashic Record, in another Archive document, is also included and explained. This book makes it possible to contemplate the depth of this inspired painting pointing to a cosmic Christianity, especially its zodiacal aspects. The hidden role in this painting about Lazaros-John in relation to the Grail quest, and thus the transformation of the Scorpio energies of Judas, is also revealed.

Art prints of this painting are now available, see the Esoteric Artwork and Diagrams page.

In A4 size, 95 pages, either hardback or softback.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon:


 September  2017

The Vidar book has now been re-issued with a 2 page article as an Appendix, which explains why I view a passage in the Edda as words spoken by Vidar, not Loki.

August 2017: An article about words of Vidar: see the Free Booklets page for an article that explains why in my Vidar book, a passage from the Edda is viewed as giving us words from Vidar.


May 2017

The Vidar Flame Column: its meaning from Rudolf Steiner

Vidar is the mysterious Archangel of whom Rudolf Steiner stated, that he brings “the cental nerve and living essence of all Spiritual Science”. Vidar is also mentioned in the esoteric wisdom of the Druids, known as the Edda.

The nature of Vidar has remained a mystery for decades as the indications from Rudolf Steiner are brief and are themselves wrapt in mystery.

Finding the answer to what kind of special spiritual forces are within this being, takes one into the secrets of the Holy Grail. The ancient Druids made a statue of this deity. I present the earliest known drawings of the statue, and I have attempted to re-create how it originally looked, 2,500 years ago.

In the features of this artwork are concealed the answers to Rudolf Steiner’s statements about this deity. In contemplating this statute and the words of Rudolf Steiner about Vidar, the  sacred source of anthroposophy itself is revealed, for the first time. This Archangel does not have any connection with the Angel of the Buddha, but is from a very different spiritual background.


The book is 103 pages,  A4 in size, with many pages of colour.

Here is the link to the book on, but it is available from most internet book sellers.


New Book: April 2017

Rudolf Steiner’s Esoteric Christianity in the Grail Painting by Anna May: contemplating the sacred in Rosicrucian Christianity

It is the only book written as yet on this esoteric painting, which was commissioned by Rudolf Steiner to Anna May, in 1912. It is a meditation on deep secrets of Christianity, from Melchizedek to Solomon’s Temple, then to Golgotha; interwoven into all this is the mission of the great initiate who leads the Rosicrucian Mysteries. Originally it was about 6 metres long; but it was destroyed in 1944. Fortunately, a good colour photograph was taken of it in 1912, this has enabled my book to be written.

My restored/refreshed version of this painting is now available as an art print: see Art Prints Page.


Available in either paperback of hardback; near A4 size, 120 pages, with 30 colour pages. Available from bookstores and internet booksellers.Below is a link  to this book on Amazon


And also : artwork  & diagrams   explaining anthroposophy are now available: see the     Art Prints page.


The Lost Zodiac of Rudolf Steiner:

His magnificent Stuttgart zodiac, painted in 1912 by Imma von Eckhardtstein, and destroyed in 1937, HAS BEEN RE-CREATED in colour. This  painting, the greatest artistic depiction of the zodiac that Rudolf Steiner ever commissioned has thereby been saved from oblivion.  Each image is clearly explained, and there is also a correct translation of Steiner’s wonderful meditations on the sun-signs.  Another chapter  explains the zodiacal basis of the cultural Ages in anthroposophy. Four black-white photographs from about 1913 were scanned-in, and the colours put back onto the image.

In A4 size, in paperback or hardback, 147 pages.

The Stuttgart zodiac image is also available as an Art print or poster !

It is available in 2 sizes. The link to the website from where you can order your copy of this fascinating zodiac painting is on the “Art Prints” page.


Hard cover or Paperback

The Lost Zodiac of Rudolf Steiner

Adrian’s books are available from  bookstores and from online book suppliers such as :Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble | The Nile. Some books are  available in hard cover and paperback.


 September 2016

The meaning of the Goetheanum Windows: Rudolf Steiner’s  story of the Spiritual Quest carved into the nine stained glass windows

What these windows reveal is almost unknown, as little has ever been written about them. Yet  in them, Rudolf Steiner has revealed really fascinating secrets of the initiatory Quest,  which are not available elsewhere in his life’s work. When the  nine scenes carved into the glass panes are explained with esoteric insight, they  become a truly unique and invaluable guide for those seeking  spiritual development. This large-size book, nearly A4, with 95 pages, includes special reproductions of each window, based on the coloured drawings used to guide the artists carving them.  They are shown here at their best: in the colour and architectural shape intended for the windows of the First Goetheanum.

Available in either hard-back or paperback from all good bookstores and Amazon (US $30 / $20) &  Book Depository (UK £22 /£17), etc.


The Meaning of the Goetheanum Windows: Rudolf Steiner’s Story of the Spiritual Quest Carved Into Nine Stained Glass Windows



Living a Spiritual Year, first published in 1992, IS NOW IN PRINT AGAIN. The only comprehensive book  written about the spiritual significance of the seasons, from Rudolf Steiner’s teachings; rare archive texts were accessed for this book. It provides a comprehensive  guide to  understanding  the spiritual energies and  beings active in the seasonal cycle of the year. I have integrated ancient wisdom  with Rudolf Steiner’s research, including his esoteric Christianity, and refer to scientific research, wherever relevant. This new, expanded edition answers fully the objections from critics, and clears up misunderstandings about this vital theme. It now has more coloured graphics to help you visualize  clearly the influences that make the seasonal cycle so spiritually significant.

Topics include:  The four ether layers in the  atmosphere.  The springtime descent into matter and the esoteric ‘Easter’ event – the Celtic Eostre festival  – in the springtime  of both hemispheres. Actual words from Rudolf Steiner stating that the Yuletide or Holy Nights Festival occurs in June in the southern  hemisphere, and is caused by the spiritual energies active in winter.  The role of meteors in the autumn Michaelmas festival.  The deep spiritual influences active in summertime. How in each season, an Archangel is the regent of the nature sprites for that hemisphere, and how some migrate around the hemisphereLiving a Spiritual year covers. How to use the Soul Calendar to meditate upon each week of the year, following the seasonal cycle, in either hemisphere.
This new, enlarged edition has a detailed Index and an Index of key quotes and key points about the new festivals; 365 pages.

Available from all good bookstores and Amazon (US $35) &  Book Depository (UK £28), etc.

Living a Spiritual Year: seasonal festivals in northern & southern hemispheres.


horoscope handbookHoroscope Handbook

For the first time, you can interpret your horoscope with the help of Rudolf Steiner’s insights.
Go beyond Jung, and beyond the Greek myths, to understand how the planets relate to our human consciousness, using Steiner’s model of the  ‘sevenfold’ human being. Pages showing you at a glance what any feature in the horoscope means, for ease of use in  consultations. New information for experienced astrologers, including what lies behind Houses having their inherent themes, why intercepted signs over the houses do matter,  what gives House Eight its unusual qualities, why the zodiac signs have their unique sigils, what makes Saturn’s influence so complex, and much more.
340 pages, 13 in colour, an Index and advice on how to interpret a horoscope.
Available from the Steiner stores and Amazon (US $35) &  Book Depository (UK £25);
Amazon USA | Book Depository

rudolf steiner handbookA Rudolf Steiner Handbook

An ideal introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s teachings; but also a book that presents his core teachings, on many subjects, with charts and  graphics that bring together facts about the most important  topics for anthroposophists and today’s spiritual seeker. A clear explanation of Rudolf Steiner’s worldview and how it relates to today’s world. Rudolf Steiner’s teachings, presented according to key themes, with many helpful illustrations and a user-friendly text. The book arises out of Adrian’s deep engagement with all aspects of Steiner’s works over a lifetime, and from his discussion and dialogue with his dedicated students in more recent years. Anthroposophy provides a vitally needed holistic perspective for today’s world. The book clarifies and comments on Rudolf Steiner’s extensive primary teachings.
Now available from  Steiner Stores  and any good bookstore, and online in soft and hard back.
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Way to the SacredThe Way to the Sacred

Twice sold out, this invaluable handbook on Rudolf Steiner’s approach to meditation and spiritual experiences is now permanently available. Based on the author’s decades of meditative experiences, and from his collection of thousands of pages of German manuscripts of Rudolf Steiner’s esoteric lessons.
Third revised & corrected edition, with 9 colour pages.
334 pages
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The Foundation Stone Meditation

An accurate translation into English of this pivotal Rudolf Steiner verse and of the lecture given when the verse was first presented. With a  profoundly insightful, brief meditative commentary designed to stimulate the meditant’s own work with this foundational text. An invaluable coloured diagram of the soul-spirit constitution of the spiritual-hierarchical beings is included.
100 pages
Buy Paperback  from bookstores or online:

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Hellenistic MysteriesThe Hellenistic Mysteries & Christianity 

A profound experience, which bridges the gap between ancient initiatory Mysteries and a deeper view of Christianity. It provides evidence from the ancient Greek texts of the Gospels, that the Gospel writers themselves viewed the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ, events which occurred over three-days, as a parallel to the three-day initiation process of the Mysteries, but a process through which a cosmic Christ-force became the Earth’s guiding indwelling spirit.
Some of the chapters:
The initiatory ‘Mysteries’ of Ancient Greece
The initiation wisdom of Homer, the hidden message of the Odyssey
Porphyry: A lost Hymn to Apollo, its initiatory message
The acolyte descends into the Underworld
The Mysteries, the sun god & secrets of Christianity
The ascent to divinity in the Mysteries
The cry from the cross: forsaken or glorified ?
Investigating a cosmic Christianity, John13:18
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cover gemsThe Two Gems

Two early lectures from 30 October 1904 & 16 October, 1905, not published anywhere else, in any language. These talks are about clairvoyance and the initiatory path. Reconstructed and translated from the original damaged German manuscripts.
50 pages
Available  from Amazon/Book Depository $20.


The Origin & Nature of the Tropical Zodiac: The Zodiac Signs – What They Are and Who Created Them

by Damien Pryor
This small book is the only publication world-wide to establish the validity and basis of the horoscope (the tropical zodiac of Ptolemy) and how it was understood in the Hellenistic Mysteries.
90 pages
Buy Paperback   from bookstores or online:
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Sacred Sites: books  using my pen-name Damien Pryor. These are easy to  read, with no anthroposophical terms.

These  books require no knowledge of Steiner’s teachings. They offer a deeper way to understand the ancient mystery streams / sacred sites.

ExternsteineGreat Sacred Sites 1: The Externsteine

The only book about this site in the English language. The Externsteine was the most sacred site of the primal European Celts, from at least 3,500 BC onwards. The deeply mystical texts of the Icelandic Edda refer to this site with its amazing artwork and mysterious chambers. Used by the Teutonic tribes, its high priestess caused the most catastrophic military defeat the Romans ever suffered. The fascinating features of this site reveal the Celtic way of spirituality, and Charlemagne’s campaign against it. The deeper significance of its artwork is explored.
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LalibelaGreat Sacred Sites 2: Lalibela

The only book that explores and explains the deeper mystical purpose of Lalibela’s 13th century extraordinary underground sanctuaries. Actual texts from the Life of King Lalibela, describing his 3-day mystical sleep and how he was inspired during this time to build these 10 buildings. Ancient Egyptian sun-god beliefs are found embedded in Lalibela’s cosmic mystical view of Christianity.The Church of the Virgin Mary is unveiled as a sanctuary dedicated to a new form of the Egyptian goddess Isis.
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StonehengeGreat Sacred Sites 3: Stonehenge

A guide to the world’s greatest megalithic site. Reliable answers to the real questions about Stonehenge, and its celestial alignments and purpose. Unique to this book is information about the significance of the huge, mysterious shadow-fields used by the Megalithic-Druidic priests, both at Stonehenge, Cornwall and Carnac.
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The Great PyramidGreat Sacred Sites 4: The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx

The best guide to the monuments on the Giza plateau. It provides a reliable and insightful guide to the meaning and origin of the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and associated monuments on the plateau. Avoiding both mystical speculation, and rigid views. A  new generation of Egyptologists have established that in ancient Egypt there were initiatory religions, similar to the Greek Mysteries. These monuments were designed for the purpose both of after-death rites and of initiation.
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