Rudolf Steiner Studies

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Free eBooklets

Loki’s Quarrel 11

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Vidar’s words in Loki’s Quarrel 11

I Believe

Rudolf Steiner’s beautiful “Credo” from 1888, in which he expresses his youthful view of the spiritual meaning and purpose of life.
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Joachim of Fiore

The expectation of the coming Kingdom of Christ in medieval times, and the impact in the Middle Ages of the clairvoyant Calabrian monk’s views on the End-times.
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Good And Evil In Faust

The relationship of Mephistopheles to God and to Faust, and the various manifestations of Mephisto as he pursues his wager with Faust. The profound wisdom about the nature of freedom and the role of evil in Faust is explored.
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Schiller’s Poem

A hauntingly evocative poem by Friedrich Schiller about the initiatory struggle in ancient Egypt to unveil the goddess Isis; a far memory brought this to Schiller’s awareness.
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A wonderful verse by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about the dawn of the Spiritual-self in the personality.
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Understanding the Dreamtime

Exploring the beliefs of indigenous people in old Europe, Australia and America, to understand the spiritual perspective in their folklore, which arises from a psychic consciousness.
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Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelungen

Explores the deep esoteric meaning in Richard Wagner’s opera. The author’s research establishes that Wagner did not consciously determine the text of this opera, but was inspired. The profound insights in this great opera confirm Rudolf Steiner’s statement that a high Initiate from the ancient Celtic world inspired Wagner.
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